Why Should Residences for Seniors Consider Music Therapy?

Music Therapists have the skills to create unique and beneficial musical programming for seniors who are living in Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Retirement, and Adult Day Programs.

Our team specializes in working with seniors who are having difficulty transitioning to their new home, who are experiencing decline in their cognitive, physical and communicative functioning, who are showing signs of aggression, and who are feeling isolated, depressed and helpless.

Music Therapists are also trained to work with end of life care teams to bring coping, understanding, and calmness to residents, their families and staff members.

How does it work?

Our team works with health care facilities to develop full day programs that best fit the residents, including individual music therapy, small group and large group sessions.

We are trained and able to use a variety of documentation modules, including Point Click Care, MediCare and Activity Pro.

Ready to Try Music Therapy in Your LTC Residence?

Contact us to learn more about the program and discuss your particular needs.

We provide individual, private sessions for people living in Long Term Care or Retirement. Contact us to set up an assessment.

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