Our Approach


Compassion and Respect...

At Wellington Music Therapy Services, we understand that a medical diagnosis or condition does not define who a person is. We believe that the uniqueness of each person is what matters most -and that people can flourish when given the right opportunities and support.

We believe in the equal rights of all people - regardless of age, race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, social economic status or ability. We treat each client as a partner in their own care, and work towards equality for all.

We also believe in the power of partnerships between disciplines, and therefore work closely with other professionals such as educational assistance, teachers, social workers, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, nurses and doctors to provide the best possible care and outcomes for each client.

What makes our programs different?

  • Our therapists develop and facilitate programs based on cutting edge evidence-based research

  • We set goals with clients and and are motivated by health achievements.

  • Our team is comprised of compassionate, energetic and highly trained Accredited Music Therapists.

  • We listen to YOU and YOUR WANTS AND NEEDS to create unique and holistic music therapy experiences.


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Our Team

We are a team is of Accredited Music Therapists (MTA) - a profession which requires a university level degree specifically in Music Therapy and the passing of a Board Certification exam. MTAs are trained as high level musicians, as well as behavioral, development and psychotherapy specializations.  At Wellington Music Therapy Services we love to work with clients to help them achieve not only their musical goals, but also academic, cognitive, communication, physical, emotional and social goals as well.

Professional and Ethical Practices

As certified Music Therapist Accredited (MTA) and Board Certified Music Therapists (MT-BC), the instructors at Wellington Music Therapy are bound to act in an ethical manner while carrying out our professional duties. This includes our adherence to the Principles and Values laid out in the Code of Ethics by the Canadian Association for Music Therapists

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